Kambo is applied ceremonially, by a trained and experienced practitioner. Within about fifteen to twenty (15-20) minutes of administration, toxins, congestions, dis-eases and or blockages are transmuted (cleansed-detoxed) via (popularly) vomiting-purging.

Kambo process:

The frogs are found in twenty-thirty (20-30) meters tall trees near the Igarape’s (rainforest waterways) where they gather to sing and announce the rain. Traditionally they are harvested shortly after dawn by the Indians who also sing to imitate the frogs’ song. The frogs are very passive and don’t react negatively when carefully picked up, possibly because they have no predators. Some tribes don’t physically handle the frogs until the last minute, preferring to cut the branch the frog is sitting on and leave it on that branch until they are ready to actually harvest the secretion. Each leg of the frog is carefully tied with straw strings into a X shape. Sometimes a female shaman will massage the toes to encourage the secretion, which is then carefully scraped off/harvested with a small wooden stick and dried on small flat sticks. If the frog is being properly harvested, it is only the first secretions that are taken. One: because this is the strongest; and two: because this method leaves the frog with sufficient secretion to defend itself from predators. After it is released, the frog returns to its’ habitat, used, but not worn out. The strings leaves a tiny white line on each leg which indicates that that particular frog has recently been harvested; and that should stop anyone from harvesting that particular frog again until they (the tiny white lines) are faded, which takes two-three (2-3) months.

The frog is never harmed but treated with utmost care and respect, as the tribe believe that to harm the frog will anger the animal spirits that they live so closely with. Kambo collect in this way is considered one hundred percent ethically harvested. Not all Kambo is collected this way hence, it’s the sole onus of the individual (potential Kambo recipient) to ensure that the Kambo they intend to use, and actually use is appropriately, sustainably and ethically harvested, to the best of knowing and understanding in that moment; based on appropriate research and identify and understanding intuition.

Kambo is administered ceremonially in private and or in a group setting, with a trained and experienced practitioner, that closely supervises the entire Circle/treatment, and appropriately holds space for the duration of the Circle/treatment/Ceremony.


Consultations: – A full, proper and thorough (potentially professionally invasive) personal conversation about your condition/intention and any history to it; personally or via phone/video call first. Further communication can be done electronically.

This assessment is necessary to determine your eligibility for Kambo and your current conscious state; or state of alignment, dis-ease or sovereignty.

Next is identifying and securing a convenient date.

There will also be a consultation before the actual Circle/treatment.

There is usually a sharing circle after the actual treatment. Where recipients share their personal experience of the treatment if they choose to, heal in a group dynamic, bond, learn and expand.

Also, questions and further clarity is facilitated by that sharing circle, and also in private if sought.

After the Circle/treatment, the work continues with your Shadow Work/personal development/lifestyle. Everything within and around us, we contributed to it to some extent, intentionally and unintentionally. Continue being more responsible about all of your contributions and communications. You’re here, so somewhere you already made that decision, and have chosen better. Maybe you being here now is simply you consciously and actively aligning with that reality/timeline. Continue making conscious and active leaps towards Divine Truth and the authentic You, whatever that is, whomever that is, and wherever that leads. That’s all on you as you’re entitled freewill, enjoy hopping along. Consciously, actively and continuously enjoy vibrating closer to the authentic you, what’s the alternative… the old narrative?!


A test point is given to an individual taking Kambo for the first time, or, if the individual has taken Kambo before, several years previously, and it is unsure as to the then reaction. It is usually part of the initial treatment and not placed in a different site/area on skin.

The recipient is closely and continually observed to be aware of their reactions because this is what will gauge the final number of points on, and whether to reverse the treatment

NO eating is recommended at least eight (8) hours prior to treatment (on an empty stomach). The recipient ingests one and a half (1 ½) litres of ethically sourced water before application. Himalayan Healing Incense stick is light and used to make gates (burn small holes ~1/8”) on the outer/uppermost skin surface. The top thin layer of skin is gently rubbed off with an ethical damp cloth, exposing the epidermis below – there is NO blood. Gate number and placement varies for each recipient depending on the individual, and purpose of treatment. The dried Kambo is mixed with a small amount of ethically sourced water, into a gel/paste/resin and divided into small dots, which are placed on the open gates. The Kambo directly enters the lymphatic system so the effects are felt very quickly.

Although the effect of the Kambo is almost immediate, intense and strong, the unpleasantness is usually over within fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes. Within a few moments, most people will experience a warm to hot flush/sensation running up the upper body and neck, sometimes accompanied by an increased heart rate. At this point, recipients react in different ways. Some may feel anxious, dizzy or spaced out, and or experience swollen lips, eye lids or face; usually NOT all at once. A slight tingling sensation on parts of their skin is usually also experienced. It can feel as though the Kambo is scanning the body, looking for dis-eases and then going directly to that specific place to begin working on the indentified dis-ease in that area.

One can experience some sort of discomfort, throbbing or burning sensation in a particular area for a short time. Kambo is NOT psychoactive so it does not produce hallucinations. However, reality can seem altered for a short time. Different types and levels of clarity may be experienced/facilitated. Most recipients may experience some degree of nausea and will eventually purge the toxins out. Different types of purging may occur (popularly vomiting) as Kambo works on physical, mental, emotional, psychological, mental and energetic levels. Vomiting, sweating, crying, shaking, bowel movement and urination are experienced, NOT usually all at once – sometimes just one, or mixed two or few, it varies on the recipients’ dis-eases. Depending on the recipient and or the type of treatment, the Kambo will be allowed to remain on the gates for longer, and more water is ingested, under the direct supervision of the practitioner. At this point, more than most recipients experience fatigue and will require rest. Within a hour or so after administration, the recipient is better (depending on personal and isolated conditions).

After the Kambno dots are washed away/removed with a clean (ethical) cloth, the gates/burn are dried and dressed with Dragon’s Blood, a tree sap solution from the Upper Amazon, called Sangre de Grado in Spanish. [It is generally applied to small open wounds to stop bleeding, accelerate healing, reduce scarring and close wounds by forming a protective, flexible liquid bandage when dried. The red latex of Croton Lechleri, native to north-western South America, is believed to have wound-healing and antioxidant properties, and has been used for centuries by native people for this reason. Dragon’s Blood also contains a substance called Thaspine, which has been implicated in cancer research. Be aware that there are many different trees and palms around the world that produce a red sap called Dragon’s Blood. Some of these are used for incense, dye and pigment. These Dragon’s Bloods are NOT suitable for use with Kambo wounds.] The marks/scars from the gates/burns will heal and fade in time and depending on your individual pH and routine.

Due to the large/unusual intake of water consumed during a Kambo treatment, the bodies’ electrolyte balance can be disrupted. Therefore it is important to rest, eat (alkaline) and drink afterwards, to bring the body back into balance and allow it to restore homeostasis. Hence, fasting, enemas or colonics before or immediately after Kambo treatments are NOT advised!


***The onus is on each and every (potential) Kambo recipient, and as a disclaimer, to invite independent and individual research on Kambo prior to treatment, with emphasis on the effects and benefits during and after the actual Kambo treatment; with further in-depth emphasis on Its’ impact, and potential impact on ones current individual physical state, state of wellness/dis-ease and overall state of being.