Kambo: Frog Medicine

Amazonian arboreal, nocturnal, giant green monkey frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor

What is Kambo?

The gelatinous secretion that is harvested from glands on the side of the Giant Green Monkey frog. Used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years for cleaning, strengthen and energise the mind and body of hunters; as a medicine for malaria, fever, infections and snake bites; and to clear Panema.


By the toxins, congestions, dis-eases and or blockages being transmuted (cleansed-detoxed), it facilitates an environment and or conditions, physically and non-physically, for authentic, natural and seamless healing-reset-realignment. Obviously, depending on the recipient, condition(s), and or current state of being.


Kambo is applied ceremonially, by a trained and experienced practitioner. Within about fifteen to twenty (15-20) minutes of administration, toxins, congestions, dis-eases and or blockages are transmuted (cleansed-detoxed) via (popularly) vomiting-purging.