About The Practitioner


Actively chose to step away from executive cooperate Hospitality Professional career, to a more balanced and sustainable flow, by dropping simply my thoughts towards my heart space.

Drawn to Dowsing for Earth Energies and Ley lines/Water and Agriculture Divining in 2001 and officially trained in 2012.  Crystals and Crystal Therapy started to appeal differently, and Herbalism, then to Kambo. Where the bliss was unnoticeable and irreversible, ushering in change. Uncomfortable and unpleasant at first, surrendering brought and continues to facilitate more harmonious flow by simply catching the light in every day life lessons and learning opportunities, what a wonderful chance to truly improve ourselves on a daily basis by spiralling that energy upwards.

A dear acquaintance mentioned that an acquaintance of hers held Kambo Circles. Although reasonably ignorant about Kambo, I booked without appropriate research.

Upon getting to the Circle, I intuited that I would be a Kambo practitioner before receiving It. The Amazonian Tree Frog medicine facilitated a type of grounding and centeredness like was never observed before. After my first treatment, I was chanting to the Frog for no other reason than gratitude.

I have now experienced Kambo as a recipient and experienced, first hand, Its’ significant contribution to my overall wellbeing; Attended to a one-off one year Module for the Basic Kambo Practitioner course trained from the IAKP founder, (Basic Practitioner Training course can commonly be done two weeks time ), trusted and blessed with the opportunity to process and familiarise and integrate this medicine on a deeper level.  Followed by the Advanced Kambo Practitioner level, administering specific treatments whilst Holding Space.  I identify, understand and resonate with Kambo and Its’ processes, and is able to integrate my experiences, lessons and observations to helping others through their process and experience, comfortably and compassionately. Besides, I was trained by the best of the best, and under the best: Karen Kanya-Darke, Psychologist, pioneer of modern accessible Kambo, THE Kambo ambassador, advocate, master trainer, master practitioner; and founder of (I. A.K.P.).

I unreservedly recommend Kambo to anyone wishing a better human experience now, that is truth centred.

This is just another technique and or tool to wellness. The ‘real’ work starts with you attending to your Shadow Work (active and conscious continuous ‘self development’, at perceivable conscious states, levels and forms). These techniques, tools, principles, etc., do contribute significantly. The unattended Shadow Work is likely to (re)attract untoward/lower vibrational energy, or dis-ease, or unbeneficial patterns/habits/loops, etc. So it does actually start and end with us, even without active awareness of Freewill.